Review – Premier Inn

Premier Inn
  • Bed
  • Staff
  • APD Facilities
  • Room


Overall the Premier Inn is good. I have stayed in a few so I have given an average over all my stays.

At the top is the bed; it’s very comfortable and if you want an extra pillow you only have to ask reception. I actually have a Premier Inn mattress I love it so much!

In terms of APD facilities the only things letting them down was the fact the we had to keep a key in a slot to have the power on (which can be annoying) and there was not enough plugs for both machines – lamp, kettle and TV take up most of the plugs.

However, there is a desk close to the bed to put the machine on. Which is also close to the toilet; so high score for that!

The only other thing to lose them a star, was the fact that at only one of the stays; did the staff help with the Dialysis Fluid boxes – even after explaning that dialysis patients shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 5kg. They just said that we had to take them up to the room and there is no trolley which is a poor show. Apart from that, the staff were very friendly!

The rooms at Premier Inn are always functional with everything you would expect; WIFI, kettle, TV, etc. The only thing missing and the reason for the loss of one star is because there is no fridge and twice our room was SO hot I couldn’t sleep (the two machines that heat liquid didn’t help).

Over I WOULD recommend Premier Inn for a little holiday on dialysis.