Loss of Appetite

Whether it's because you feel nauseous, or whether it's because of the bad taste in your month or whether it's just you don't feel like eating – the loss of appetite symptom of CKD sucks!!

I have a tip for the bad taste so take a look at that but for general loss of appetite there are a few tips.

Firstly, do not over crowd your plate. It is a bit of psychology but the more you put on the more it can feel unachievable and you start on the back foot and just make you worse. It's best to have a little bit and go back if you finish.

Second and a bit more psychology, get the old "you must clear your plate" out of your of your head – it takes the pressure off.

Thirdly, pick something that you really really like. Turn meal time into something positive, take the pressure off yourself.

Fourth, I found that anything strong smelling put me right off – so avoid them at all costs.

And lastly, make sure that those around you understand why your not eating (or eating less). They must not put pressure on you to eat, remember – mealtimes should be a positive experience. Celebrate the little you do eat, not the amount you don't!

Happy Eating!

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