"The itching is one of the worst  symptoms for me"

Is something I hear all the time and is certainly true for me.

However a lot of people do not know why they itch so much – how can itching be linked to the kidney(s).

The kidney's main job is to pull water & certain minerals out of the blood and "crap". When they stop working the "crap" builds up and your body (being a finally tuned machine) with try and get rid of it anyway it can – and one way is through your skin.

As the "crap" is acidic – when it comes into contact with your skin it irritates it, causing you to itch.

So you need to create a barrier between the "crap" and your skin.

I recommend;



There is no steroid in this cream but it is excellent for creating the barrier that is needed. It is also emulsifying so can be taken into the shower and used there to keep the moisture in.

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