Forgetfulness & confusion is the worst of the mental health symptoms of CKD.

Don’t confuse it with the odd memory laps. CKD will make you confused and forgetful – which can be very scary.

Unfortunately there isn’t (that I have at least found) anything that can sort it out. However, I have found a excellent website & app to help to remember stuff with some extra features that can help.

The website is and it is free to sign up – they will try to get you to pay for there services but for our purposes the free stuff is fine.

The app is 2Do I downloaded it for free over 18 months ago but i believe that you have to pay for it now.

In the app, in the Sync section; add your toodledo account details.

The excellent features are;

  • Use it for a simple do-to list so that on a certain date and at a certain time there will be a pop up to tell you to do something.

  • Geo-location information is available for each task, so when you arrive in a certain place it can remind you to do something (e.g. when you go shopping; when you arrive at the shop your shopping list will pop up).

  • You can add repeaters for tasks that happen every week.
  • You can add pictures for each task (e.g. The appointments letter from the hospital)

  • You can use actions to automate some tasks.

You can see above examples of how I use the app.

Have a play with it and use it to it’s full potential.

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