Be your own health cheerleader!

I was once told that no one else is best placed to know; (a) how you feel, (b) what is best for your health & (c) what you want/need.

You must be our own health cheerleader! 

I take a pad to the hospital with all my questions and worries. I then speak to the doctor & the nurse and make sure I get a satisfactory response. 

  • Ask what the drugs are for,
  • what will they do?
  • Speak up if you are feeling ill or even not quite right.

If you are on CAPD or APD and you are not happy with the provider you are with (Baxter for example) then speak up! You have a right to be heard and you have a right to be at the centre of your care plan.

Having said all the above, another tip is to do everything that your medical team tell you do to. All the drugs, diets, other advice should be followed – never just stop. If you have an issue then speak to the medical team and come to an agreement.  

Your relationship with the medical team should be collaborative and not combative. 


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