Working Part II

If you do decide to continue working; which I recommend you'll need a few tips.

Firstly, you need to find a clean and safe room for you to do an exchange in. It will need a table and some storage for all the little things like mini caps, etc. A chair to sit on while the exchange is taking place is a good idea.

And the last thing you'll need is a hook to hang the bag on (it'll need to be above your head).

I set the work room up with all the dialysis stuff so it was all there for me – so I didn't have to remember.

Secondly, every time Baxter did a delivery I took two boxes to work as it was easier than trying to remember to take 2 bags to work everyday.


Third – have a "dialysis bag". I had a Star Wars bag that had all the bits I needed and it help me carry my bag warmer to and from work. It also had extra bits "just in case". I also put my the iodine in it in case of emergencies.

Fourthly – as previously talked about; talk to your employer as soon as you are able about your CKD and keep them updated. It is also important that if you are on the transplant list, that you inform your employer about that, what it is going to involve and be realistic about the recovery time.

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