Bad Taste

A very close second in “Dan’s top ten worse symptoms of CKD” is the bad taste you get in your mouth.

It’s annoying because;

  1. You have a horrible taste in your mouth all the time,
  2. Food you used to love now tastes weird, and
  3. You have bad breath all the time.

Now the reason for the bad taste is closely linked to itchy skin. Remember the “crap” I talk about in theĀ Itching post. Well the reasoning here is the same; your body is trying to get rid of the “crap” and another way of doing this is through the gums and tongue (which is nice) – this is why it can taste/smell like you’ve been gurgling with piss!

I did find that brushing my teeth all the time helped but realistically no one has time to do that!

So I use an amazing produce on the market called;

Ultra Dex

It is a mouthwash which I use after brushing but it is different from other mouthwashes because it gets rid of the bad taste not just masking it and works for a while. I believe that it is available on prescription (but I buy it from amazon). There is also a toothpaste but I haven’t used that yet – if I do I will post about it.

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