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My name is Dan and I am a Chronic Kidney Failure & dialysis patient. I have been living with CKF (or CKD as some call it) since birth. Over the last 33 years I have picked up a few good tips and tricks to ease the day to day struggle of CKF and dialysis. I decided to share these tips and put this information all into one place.

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Peritoneal Dialysis using manual bags. Hints, tips and reviews to help manage the exchanges and what to expect.

APD Tips

Peritoneal Dialysis using a machine. Hints, tips and reviews to help manage the machine and what to expect.

Symptoms Tips

Kidney failure has many names, but the symptoms are the same. Hopefully these tips will help.


CKD Tips

General Kidney Failure advice, tips and hints (CKD is another name for CKF). Best to start here if you are not sure where to start.


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