As I am giving reviews, recommendations, and tips about services and products. I thought it was best that I was transparent about how this site is funded right away.

My main aim with this site to give pass on my tips and recommendations that I have build up over the last 25 years and also to continue to learn new things.

The site costs me about £5.00 per month so in order to get some money in you’ll see that there is an ad on the right hand side of screen or at the bottom if you are using AMP and your mobile/tablet.

Each click on those ads gives me a little bit of money from Google. Once I have reach £5.00 for that month then the ads will be removed.

Also, when you search the site using the Google search bar on the top right (this is not available on the AMP site), some ads will come up in the search results (like normal Google does) and clicking those will generate a little bit of money for me.

Lastly, there is a donation button. If you have enjoyed the site and found it useful then free feel to donate some money. But please also feel free to not donate any money and continue to use this site – I didn’t start this site to make any money!

You can donate here!

Enjoy the site and please read the important information!