Travel & Sleeping

Since starting dialysis, I have only used hotels to sleep on holiday but they have all been very accommodating. As I said in the Travel – General post, Baxter travel will sort out the deliver of all the dialysis bags you need while your away. You just need to give them;

  • The dates you check in and out,
  • The address and telephone number of the place you are staying, and
  • Your reference number for the booking.

You will then get a letter from Baxter Travel confirming the details you have provided together with how many bags will be delivered (check this to make sure it’s all correct).

The letter will also tell you the date the bags will be delivered; the day after this day, call the hotel to make sure they are there.

I have found that these calls are a good for getting in a cheeky request;

  • Sea view,
  • High floor room,
  • Asking to put the boxers in your room,
  • Ground floor room, etc

Lastly, the letter will give you the name, address and number of your nearest dialysis unit just in case. It’s important to take this letter with you on holiday.

If your room is one that needs a card to keep the electricity on, remember to ask for one more card than you need so you can keep the electricity on all the time for the APD machine or warming plate.

While Baxter will deliver the bags, you need to pack;

  1. The cassettes for the Homechoice Pro
  2. Sterile wipes
  3. Connection shields
  4. Mini caps
  5. Drain line extensions
  6. Patient line extensions
  7. Blood pressure machine
  8. Chart
  9. Tape
  10. Scissors
  11. Site dressings
  12. Saline
  13. All drugs
  14. Hand scrub
  15. Hand rub
  16. Hand towels
  17. Opticaps

I always take two more than I need. If there is ever an emergency, the dialysis unit on the Baxter travel letter, will be able to help.

One last tip; the blue plastic holder for the APD tubes, is a good holder for the bulldog clips while your travelling.

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