Travel Generally

Travelling is obviously dependent on your health but being on dialysis should not stop you and I would actively encourage you to go on holiday.

It will give you something to look forward too, change your surroundings, give your brain a rest from thinking about the dialysis etc!

If you are on the transplant list, there is a further consideration; if you go too far you’ll have to be suspended on the list and if you leave the UK there is also an incubation period when you come back to make sure you haven’t caught anything. For the length of incubation periods speak to your Transplant Coordinator however I do know that one week in Marbella (Spain) has an incubation period of 3 months.

Personally, I’ve decided that I wanted holiday in the UK for the first year that I’m on the list, as I didn’t want to be suspended but this is a decision for you.

There will be more specific posts on travel but I wanted to touch on;

Disabled Railcard 

If you are eligible for the card then I would recommend it. It will get a 1/3 off any rail fare for you and a plus one – this will help you travel.

For dialysis patients it’s likely you will be eligible through the PIP.

It cost £20 for a year or £54 for three years – you’ll save that on your first long journey.


Where ever your travelling too, whether it be inside or outside the UK it is likely that Baxter Travel can help you. You just give the hospital the dates you are going away and where you will be staying and they will do the rest.

A good tip is to think about bag wastage. If you are going somewhere for 2 nights and use extrneal like me; it’s easier to take 2 bags with you than getting Baxter Travel to send one box of five bags and bring three home with you.

You have to take everything else with you (sterile wipes, connection shields, mini caps, etc) but I just put it in my suitcase with my clothes.

It is also recommended that you call your hotel one or two days before you arrive to make sure your bags have arrived – if not, call Baxter Travel and they will sort it for you.

Happy Hols!

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