I scar something awful. Not sure why but I’ve just never been very good at scarring.

It takes a long time to heal and it’s very red for ages. It never really goes white or fades; the best I’ve got is my Transplant scar which is 25 years old and it’s big and pink!

However, I’ve found something that I’ve found really works. Quite an old and well known product but it really works.

Bio Oil

The only thing I don’t like about it, is the price. I got mine from Tesco and the above small bottle was over £25.00. Not sure if it’s available on prescription.

However, having said that it lasts for ages! You only have to use a very small amount and it goes a long way!

It also has a bonus use, it’s good at rehydrating the skin after dialysis – again only a small amount is needed!

Happy Scars!

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