As a bloke I don’t have any tips on dialysis and pregnancy but two of my followers on Instagram had a really amazing conversation about it, and with their permission I past it here –


Oh this is annoying. Mine has moved also since I’ve been pregnant. It is now on my left side.. I can feel when the fluid goes in..


I didn’t realize you could get pregnant while on dialysis. My doctors told me it would be too risky and they always recommend that patients don’t get pregnant, so they put me on birth control. I’m glad to know that it is still possible.


it is very possible! ♥️ right now I’m 22 weeks pregnant and baby and I are doing well ☺️ the only downside is that I feel really full at times since I’m running out of space and I’m on the machine for 17 hours a day but it’s all worth it whenever I feel my munchkin kick ? you can go to my page to see pregnancy pics ?


Wow that is amazing news. I would love to pick your brain about that. And find out more about it.


Definitely! Right now my nurse and doctors are taking it one day at a time.. I’m the first pregnant pd patient at my clinic. I have a great team of doctors. I also go to Yale hospital for Obgyn and they’re great.

Clearly dialysis/CKD does not mean the end of your dreams of having a family. You can follow them both my clicking their name above.

Having a quick google there is very little about pregnancy and dialysis so I hope that people continue the conversation! I would bet that there are a lot of others that are worried about it and don’t know (or worse) assume family can’t happen!

Clearly it can!

Happy Family Planning! ?

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