Homechoice Pro & Sleeping

When I first started using the machine, it was coming to the end of February and was FREEZING so I had to wear my PJs in bed.

This caused an issue as the tube would come out from under the t-shirt and ride up. This would be uncomfortable (not to mention cold) and wake me up.

So I made my own;

Dialysis Sleeping T-Shirt

I know – I totally need to work on the name!

But in essence it is a t-shirt with a hole cut in it for the tube to come out from.

To make yours, you’ll need;

  1. A cheap t-shirt that is about 2 sizes too big for you (the reason for this is because during the night your stomach will get big and small as the liquid goes in and out so it’s best to have a lot of room), and
  2. A pair of scissors (which should be in your dialysis toy box).

Put the t-shirt on and find where your tube sits the most comfortable and pull the material together (please make sure that your tube is NO WHERE near the scissors) and cut a hole.

You then pull your end of the tube through the hole and connect to the machine – magic!

For extra support and anchorage I put tape over the tube at the hole and tape it up – this not only helps with anchorage but it also saves you putting anything sticky onto yourself unnecessarily.

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