Homechoice Pro & Setting up

You will be trained on how to set up your machine so I'm not going to go over old ground.

However over the last few months, I have picked up some handy tips;

Flat surface

While doing CAPD you get used to having a flat surface in which to do your exchanges on. When you move onto APD there is sometimes an issue with getting a flat surface on the bed.

I have found a writing pad that works lovely. Easily wipe-able and flat, I use it when I'm changing my dressings and putting the connection shields on.

Drain Line Extensions 

As my APD machine is quite far from the toilet, I have to use two extension lines joined together to reach it. While strictly speaking they do not have to be sterile, it is best to try and keep everything clean. So when putting them on the bed to join them, I rest them on the plastic bags they come in to help keep it all sterile.


There is a lot of rubbish from APD. During CAPD you use the external bag, to clean up the little rubbish you have however I have found that the package that the cassettes come in is great for holding the rubbish as you put it all together.

Last Bag 

As I mentioned before, my dialysis prescription is 2x 5L clear flex yellow and 1x extraneal purple. The 2 yellow bags sit on the warming plate and I was putting the extraneal on the side. But I was finding the last bag was not warm enough so I put it on my old CAPD bag warmer, which worked.

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