Homechoice Pro & Noise

The Homechoice Pro machine has hydraulics inside, so it is never going to be as quiet as a mouse but I have found a few tips to minimise the noise.

First the tubes; as the machine pushing and pulls liquid;

  • out of you,
  • in you,
  • down the toilet,.
  • or from one bag to the other….

….the tubes can shake and knock anything they are close too – this drove me up the wall! So I used bulldog clips and fix the tubes in place so they do not move.

Another issue is the whole machine vibrating on top of the drawers it sits. I have simply used a towel to dampen the sound.

As I was used to sleeping in silence; the machine really disturbed my sleep so I invested in a pair of bespoke ear plugs. I got them from Minerva and they were really good but quite pricey. I do not think they are available on prescription.

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