Homechoice Pro & Clear Flex

If, like me you are on the 5L clear flex bags of fluid; you may have noticed a bit of a design flaw between the bags and the machine.

The 5L bags  hang over the sides and so do not fully sit on the warming plate.

This was causing issues for me as they were not warming up properly causing non warm fluid to go in which is uncomfortable.

How I got around this issue was with four bulldog clips. You only have to roll up the clear flex bags and put  two clips on one side (2 clips per bag x2 bags = 4 clips). This makes the bags the same size as the 2L ones; they then fit lovely on to the warming plate.

It is important that you only roll up the bags and add the clips AFTER you have primed the line. If not, then there will be too much pressure in the line and a massive waterfall will spray out of the end of the patient line (I have learnt that the hard way!!).

[wpvideo MyTsmogJ ]

And here is the clips in action!


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