I know, I know! Probably the last thing you are thinking about when on dialysis. But it is so important to exercise. It makes such a different to your general and mental health – both of which are as important as the other.

Also, if you are on the waiting list like me, then exercise will keep you fit for the big operation to come!

Gym and PTs sessions are available on prescription – speak to your Dialysis Unit or GP.

However, there are some important points to consider. Before you do any exercise you must speak to your consultant about it for advice and what you are allow to do.

I am allow to attend the gym but I have to drain out before I go and I am not allowed to do any tummy exercises because of the tube (as well as a hernia).

If you do opt for the gym and/or a PT make sure that you are comfortable with them. And more importantly, make sure they are fully aware of all your conditions and limitation – but be prepared to try and push yourself. If anything hurts STOP!!

Feeling or seeing a difference can take a long time due to the gentle approach you need to take.

If the gym is not for you; then think about what you could do at home?

  • Walking around the house for 30 minutes?
  • Walking up and down the stairs?
  • Using cans and bottles filled with water as dumbbells?
  • Exercises you can do just using your own body weight!

Happy Exercising!

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