Exit Site

The exit site of the PD tube is something I’ve never got the hang off. One reason being the amount of sticky stuff on my belly, but the other reason is the site itself.

If you google PD exit sites, pictures and videos of lovely smooth and totally healed exit sites come up – mine has never looked like that. I thought there was something wrong until I asked the Dialysis nurse and she said that seeing a perfect exit site on the net was like seeing the perfect body it’s very rare.

Also the Docs say I don’t scare very well and so my exit site always has a big Scap on it and can bleed a lot.

However, I’ve found that some gauzes called


After only two days is use them, I had no scab and the exit site was looking nearly perfect.

To use them, you cut a line through the middle of the gauze but only cut half way, don’t cut it in half. Then both sides of the gauze comes away (so you only have the gauze in your hand), position the gauze around your exit site using the cut to go over your tube. This all needs to be done after you have cleared the site etc.

Then put your dressing over the site (leaving the gauze on) and finish up.

A Happy Exit Site!

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