Draining The Bags

This can potentially be a slow and/or messy job. You will be taught (as with everything else) on how to put the solution down the toilet once you have finished a CAPD exchange. 

There are two ways you are taught;

  • Firstly, you cut one of the corners of the bags and you pour it down the toilet, or 
  • Secondly, you undo the clamp and let the water go down the toilet and you have to either hold it or place it on top of the toilet cistern. 

The issue with point one if that I have often missed the bowl and had wet feet – not nice! The issue with point two is that it can be slow holding up or if you put it on the cistern then it always falls out – and you have a wet sugary floor! 
I found that putting the bag on the toilet seat (while it's up) and using a bull dog clip to hold it there, works a dream! 

Move the clamp higher up as you'll need it for later and to help the speed, cut the tube BELOW the bowl line. If you don't, the tube can whirrl around the room coating everything in sugary water – Mm Hmm! 

Once it's finished draining out, put the clamp back on (to stop the drips) and throw it way, into your yellow bag. 

Happy Emptying! 

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