Charts II

Very similar looking charts for APD with similar reasons from CAPD – Charts.

The main difference is that the machine does all the maths for you, which is good if you are lazy like me!

The other difference is your charts for APD is a book rather than a form.

I never got on with the Baxter Record Book, to give it its official name, so I put my own form together;

As with CAPD it has BP, weight and fluid on the chart.

The others are;

  • Initial Drain – This is how much liquid comes out on your first drain.
  • UF - This is the sum of the total amount of liquid that goes in less the amount that comes out.
  • Average Dwell – Overnight the machine will do a few exchanges (mine does 6 over 9 hours), so the machine will work out the average time of all the dwells.
  • Added/Lost Dwell - This is how many more or less minutes you have dwelled.
  • Bowel - This is something I have added myself. As discussed, pooing on dialysis is really important so I keep a track of it. One tick = one poo!

A copy of the the form (which is blank) – can be found here.

A tip for you, I do my BP, "water on the leg" test and tallying up my poos; in the evenings and my weight & the machine figures in the morning.

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